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Street-Edge Classes

Classes Are Now Held Across:
Brisbane, Australia. China & Afghanistan

This highly effective international defensive tactics system has been adapted from military and law
enforcement units
and teaches close quarter defensive tactics & techniques against all types of
attacks from punches, kicks, grabs, multiple offenders and weapons using effective and easy to
learn techniques for the modern world.

Training curriculum includes

Stances, movement, strikes and kicks

Releases from holds, locks and grabs


Firearm threats and gun disarms

Knife & Edged Weapon disarms and attacks

Stick and knife fighting

Basic grappling and ground defensive techniques

Training methods for effective combat conditioning

Some of the advantages of Street-Edge training include

 Simple, practical and easy to learn

Fast, effective and useful defensive tactics system

Enhances body mechanics and muscle memory

Elevates fighting spirit and self confidence

Prepares the practitioner to deal with unexpected situations

Incorporates innovative and unique training methods

Physical and psychologically challenging

Applicable to all persons regardless of their size, physical ability and gender

Classes Are Now Held Across:
Brisbane, Australia. China & Afghanistan