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"I am a former professional soldier with service in the Royal Australian Army Engineer Corps as a Combat Engineer. Furthermore, I have been involved in the fitness industry for 15 years and hold several professional qualifications in fitness and training. During this time I worked as a successful personal trainer and have participated in boxing, kick boxing and combative systems."

This is what I think of Street-Edge Defensive Tactics;

Street edge is effective combat training

Street edge works

Street edge will give u the skills to save your life and your loved ones

Respectfully yours
John S

"It took a serious assault several years ago to convince me to commence training in a self defence system that was designed for the modern world and not one that consisted of unrealistic techniques and false promises.

What impressed me about Street-Edge Defensive Tactics was the open and friendly atmosphere in the classes as well as the Chief Instructor's extensive knowledge and practical skills.  

The training is hard, energizing, and realistic yet there is an underlying emphasis on safe training practices and modern teaching methodologies.         

I discovered very quickly that Street-Edge is much more then just self defence training; it is "Self Preservation skills".

The most positive aspect of training in Street-Edge Defensive Tactics is that it instils confidence, self respect and awareness of the dangers out there in the real world."  

Stuart. Sydney NSW

"I was introduced to Street-Edge by a friend who had been encouraging me to attend for a few months before I made the decision to attend my first class. I'd heard about the various methods of training used in the classes and the friendly atmosphere and honest enjoyment of all the students.

When I first started training it was evident from the outset that the students had a high level of respect for the Chief Instructor not only as a person but also as a highly trained instructor that constantly encouraged and motivated his students with up to date teaching methods and the fact that each class was different yet extremely realistic.

When participating in the scenario based training drills it felt like I was actually confronted with threats in a real life situation whilst at the same time promoting a safe and enjoyable atmosphere where you have fun but learn such essential skills.

The Chief Instructor has taken the best knowledge and skills that he has learnt over 20 years of training in defensive tactics and martial arts and combined with his rich experience in dealing with violent encounters, has designed what I believe is without a doubt the most comprehensive and practical system of self defence available anywhere throughout the world.

I have worked as a security contractor throughout the Middle East over the past several years and there have been occasions where I have had to rely on the skills that I have gained from Street-Edge Defensive Tactics.

It makes no difference if you're walking on the streets of Sydney with your loved ones, overseas on a business trip or working on close personal protection contracts in dangerous regions of the Middle East or Asia/Pacific. The skills, knowledge and guidance that you receive from Street-Edge will remain in your heart and mindset and will be available to use on that fateful day that may just be around the corner."

Peter.  Iraq 2005-2008

Former Australian Special Forces

"All personnel that attended the course commented on the high level of professionalism and skills that were taught by you, and in particular, the unique method of training which revolved around simple realistic and effective defensive techniques that guaranteed maximum memory retention.

Over the years that I have been operational as a police officer and as a security consultant within the security industry, I have attended a number of baton & handcuff and defensive tactics courses but I must say that none of them conditioned me for the real world as this course has done.

The scenario based role-play exercises were extremely realistic and benefited all participants that attended. It instilled a high level of self confidence and skills not previously attained.

In conclusion I would like to say the course was brilliant and I will certainly be enrolling my personnel on future courses."

Ron McPherson

National Security Advisor

Westfield Holdings Limited


August 1999