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SFC - Close Quarter Combat
Scientific Fighting Congress 
 In conjunction with Defensive Measures International   

"Bridging the Gap Between the Military, the Police, The Martial Artist and the Aware Citizenry."


Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun Close Quarter Combat,

Jissen Dojos International is the representive for SFC in Australia, Train Today the Old School Way !

SFC was founded by world renowned CQB/CQC ledgend Hock Hochheim, who has
spent 23 years in Law Enforcement consisting of:

  • Well over 1,500 felony and misdemeanor arrests.
  • Multiple police commendations.
  • 23 years in Line Operations ("Line Ops" as street patrol officer and case agent detective)

SFC - CQC Classes Include: Combat Hand, Stick, Knife and Gun, Combat Scenarios, Strategy Training, Tactical (and practical) Training, Situational Training & Positional Training.

Training covers: Unarmed Hand, Stick, Knife and Gun, mixed weapon theme Close Quarter Combat. 

SFC training methods and tactics are proven and should be part of anyone's self defense toolbox, all skill levels are welcome.

Regular Classes are held in Brisbane, f
or more information please call on: 0416-648-950 or email: jisseninternational@gmail.com

For further information about Hock Hochheim: http://www.hockscqc.com/
SFC - CQC Related: Hand to Hand Combat, Stick Combat, Knife Combat, Gun Combat in All Ranges of Combat: Standing, Kneeling and On the Ground Combat Tactics and Strategies